About me – James Doolan

I’m a fitness and wellbeing coach.  Coaching is the best job I’ve ever had – nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing one of my clients achieve their lifestyle goals.  I believe that a healthy mind is essential for a healthy body and I enjoy life to the fullest by training regularly, eating a healthy diet and practising mindfulness.  Alongside the goals you’d expect from a personal trainer – such as weight loss and muscle gain, some of my most exciting work to date has including successfully reversing a clients type 2 diabetes, and helping a 50-year old female client with no gym experience to weight lift, regularly.  I enjoy speaking at various seminars and conferences and regularly consult with business clients on professional development, fitness coaching and wellbeing issues.  I’m proud to be a Brand Ambassador for Crew Cat Clothing sportswear and lifestyle brand, based in Devon.

After a short and successful career as a Gunner in the RAF Regiment, I qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2009.  I hold diplomas in British Weightlifting, Strength & Conditioning, Rehab Training and Nutrition.  In my free time I also enjoy studying mindset, training, nutrition and supplementation with the Advanced Coaching Academy, and blogging and sharing tips on social media.  Please feel free to connect with me online to find out more.

Qualifications include:

  • WABBA Advanced Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • British Weightlifting Coach
  • Rehabilitation Trainer
  • Nutritional Guidance and Support
  • Poliquin™ Certified BioSignature Practitioner